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Kathy & Lindsay Moore

Founders: Mother (Kathy)  & Daughter (Lindsay) 

Crafted Arrangements is a mother-daughter team that was interested in tackling seemingly difficult Pinterest-inspired or design magazine projects and teaching others to create.  We have a passion for creativity and creating something from scratch and wanted to share this passion with others. 

Here you will  learn how to create beautiful and unique items.  Workshops are taught by experts in their fields and are broken down into easy-to-follow steps.  Classes range from gardening and floral design to DIY projects as seen on Pinterest and Instagram, popular design magazines,  HGTV, and craft shows.  We provide the materials, instructions and inspiration for each workshop.  

Bring your friends and we will make sure you have fun, create something to be proud of and try something new. Or simply bring yourself, and we promise you will feel a part of the party. 

We can't wait to create with you!